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The Season of Anya

How to Witchcraft: Sigil Magick

How to Do Witchcraft: Sigil Magick | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
How to Witchcraft: Sigil Magick | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

How to Witchcraft: Sigil Magick

Today's Topic on "How to Witchcraft" is Sigil Magick. When I first got into the craft, I didn't quite understand the use of sigils and their magick and it did NOT resonate with me at all, but once I started playing around with sigils and finding a practical way to apply them to my practice, I found out that they're actually quite AWESOME for intention setting, channeling energy and staying connected to your magick and your intentions.

Why would I want to use a sigil?

Think of a sign as a reminder to use as a reminder for an intention you've set. Got money on the mind? There's a sigil for that. Are you feeling really anxious as of late and need a reminder to chill out, or are in need of protection from bad energy? Consider using a sigil. If you are trying to change your headspace and get into a deep meditative state you can absolutely use a sigil for that. I personally have a few sigils in my Book of Shadows that I regularly use, and I primarily use one I created for empowering myself and reminding me to stay confident, empowered and magickal. The options for adding a sigil to your practice are limitless, these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

How to use a sigil and for What Purpose

We will use the previous options as an example in order to better understand the vast options for sigil magick. These are just examples of endless ways to incorporate sigils into your daily practice.

Money Sigil: If you are using a sigil to manifest and stay in the prosperity mindset, adding a picture of a sigil to your wallet is a great idea! Then, every day, or every time you use your wallet, you can trace the sigil with your fingers on the wallet to continue to channel prosperity and stay connected to that magick. This isn't a one and done now you're a millionaire type of thing though, for starters, you have to stay consistent with your practice to keep your mind and spirit focused on your goal, so if money is really of a concern, this may be something you are doing for quite some time. As a money sigil serves are a reminder for what you are trying to achieve, which is prosperity, and it helps attract money, but also your mindset has to be of someone who is actively trying to earn money, and actively seeking out new opportunities for prosperity. Sure, finding $50 on the ground is a nice touch, but that's not the true essence of how this works.

Anxiety Sigil: If you're prone to anxiety, using a sigil when you're feeling stressed out is a great way to remind yourself that anxiety is "just thoughts" and to try to shift your mental focus to something more neutral, and to perhaps take a few deep breaths in (this is just what I do, this is not medical advice by any means!). To actively use this sigil, you can visualize the symbol in your minds eye, and actively breathe in and breathe out while maintaining focus on it. If that doesn't work, while still taking deep breaths in and out, you can trace the sigil on the palm of each hand to channel that energy.

Energetic Protection: Is someone giving you a hard time and you want them to stop talking about you? Use a sigil paired with a working/mantra with their name. Think of this as an energetic cord cutting to stop gossip: The goal is that with that energetic connection severed through the sigil, you'll be on their mind less, and they'll move on with their live.

Home Blessing: Did you move into a new space, or do you just want to bless your home with good intentions? With some salt, egg shells, or chalk, create the sigil on your pathway, front door (if using chalk), or if you'd like to be discreet, under your door mat like I do.

Magickal Uses: Needing to feel magickal, or want to use any of the above sigils when you're meditating or while using your altar or in your sacred space? I love carving my sigil into a small candle and then lighting it. If you are a candle witch, you can also take a sharpie and use that sigil on a 3-day candle to create intention. If it is safe to do so, you can write down your sigil and burn it over an open flame or in a bonfire as well. If you are crafty, you can roll out a piece of clay and carve your sigil into that and let it dry it so you can have a token for your altar.

Personal Power: Finally, as someone who is reminding myself that I'm in my "comeback era", I love using my personal sigil as a daily affirmation when I'm involved in acts of self care. For example, on daily walks, especially if I'm feeling really intone with spirit, I may pause under a tree and write our my sigil in the dirt with my fingers or with a stick with love energy. You can also paint your sigil on with lotion after your shower, or when your mirror is foggy. Even right now I imbued my computer screen with my sigil, with a smile to remind myself of how far I've come.

I have really grown to love sigils because it's quick, efficient, and easy, every day folk magick that can done applied anywhere, for any situation. While you can really do some powerful work with them you don't have to spend that much time. I am a modern, millennial witch and I have work to do and don't always have time to sit in magickal headspace for hours at a time. Just a moment or so to connect with that happy energy can change the trajectory of your day quite a bit.

While you can absolutely use any sigils you find online, in my next post I will give you some ideas on how to create one of your own, and how to have fun with it.

Do you use sigils in your magickal practice? What sigils do you like to use and for what reason? Comment below!

Until next time. xox



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