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Yoga Magick and Witchcraft Retreats

Are you a Yoga Witch looking to level up your spiritual practice?

Welcome to the official landing page  Yoga Magick and Witchcraft Retreats, fellow Yoga Witch!  As a witch who's been standing underneath every full moon for over 5+ years, I cannot wait for you to experience a joyful weekend filled with self discovery, spiritual fulfillment, fun, and of course, both yoga and witchcraft.

Participants who are looking up to level up their spiritual practice will

enjoy the option of having a very flexible schedule where they can relax, enjoy some yoga and spiritual discussions on witchcraft. 













Not only am yoga witch but I'm yoga teacher as well so I will be facilitating all of the activities at these retreats so you can all have a very enjoyable and fulfilling weekend. The style of yoga at these retreats are restorative yoga where you are holding poses for a few minutes at a time to help calm down your nervous system and enjoy the feeling of these poses to better connect with your physical body.  It's not so much as being active and fit, but learning how to relax a bit better so we can all be more present for ritual.

Why do I merge yoga and witchcraft for these retreats?  These spiritual practices have really helped me on my own spiritual healing journey and I strongly believe that yoga and witchcraft will enhance your lives and assist you on a tool of your healing journey.

A typical day at these yoga and witchcraft retreats will include, daily meditations, 1-2 yoga sessions, journaling self discovery, witchy workshops and a full moon ritual of course (yes that means crafting spells ) Whether you're just beginning your path as a yoga witch, this 4 day retreat is accessible to anyone of all levels on their spiritual healing journey.  I strive to create a relaxing, empowering and FUN environment for yoga witches of all backgrounds. 

As both yogis and witches we connect with spirit, we connect with

the moon and the earth as we connect with our highest selves.

 By the end of the weekend, you will be able to use some of

the practices and principles that we go through during our

peaceful witchy retreat weekend, and implement what you've

learned to enhance your own spiritual practice at home.

We will be hosting this witchy retreat in Charleston, South Carolina on a beautiful glamping farm nestled in nature. Did I mention there will be alpacas & funky chickens?  This property is so gorgeous and one step on this property will have you feeling relaxed and connected with nature and mother earth so you can soak in all her healing energy and blessings. 


Are you Ready to Get your Yoga Witch on?

Please send me an email at with the Subject "Yoga Magick and Witchcraft Retreats" and I will add you to our mailing list specifically for these retreats.





Yoga Witch Retreats FAQ


What is a Yoga Witch ?

Yoga Witch is just a a very general term for someone who enjoys both yoga and witchcraft and incorporates it into their spiritual practice. You can love ALL forms of witchcraft, but so long as you are interested in yoga and witchcraft then you can also consider yourself a Yoga Witch

Do I need to be an actual Yoga Witch for this?

Not at all! I use the term Yoga Witch as a point of reference but anyone can be apart of these Yoga Witch retreats.  A basic understanding and interest of the two principles is absolutely encouraged, but so long as you come with an open mind and are willing to participate and connect with the group then you're fine!  You don't have to  be anything but your authentic self (so long as you're a kind human). 

When is this retreat going to take place?

These Yoga Magick and Witchcraft retreats will take place at the end of Spring 2024.  Be sure to make your calendar fellow Yoga Witch

How much will this cost?

Pricing is still to be determined: Currently, I am just looking to just break even for this first Witchy Yoga retreat, so costs will be minimal.  I am so excited to give you all this experience, and am delighted to offer a very substantial discount for our first (of many) retreats.  

I'd like to make a request for an activity, spiritual discussion, ritual etc, can I?

Absolutely!  Even with this retreat being 3 nights it's just simply not enough time to pack everything into the weekend.  Obviously, as a good Yoga Witch there will be Yoga and Witchcraft, but if there any topics that interest you (learning tarot, writing your own spells, learning about drum circles, or reiki), shoot me an email.  This retreat is designed for YOU and I will consider all requests so long as it fits the theme of a Yoga Witch retreat.  Please email me with requests.


What are the accomodations?

Our witchy yoga retreat will take place on the glamping portion of the farm for a comfortable and relaxing experience in nature.  A large breakfast and dinner will be provided as well as a snack bar open throughout the day.  It's a nice blend of "roughing" to get the magickal benefits of nature, without sacraficing some modern luxuries.

Is this a clean and sober retreat?

If certain dietary accommodations are requested I will do my best to assist, however, I will provide a few bottles of wine and encourage guests to bring some of their own to share.  A spiritual cigar may be used in ritual space as well. 


Why Yoga and Witchcraft?

I was able to learn how to heal and empower myself greatly with combing both yoga practice and witchcraft.  Being a witch and learning the craft has helped me connect with the mother earth:  Once I learned a bit more about the natural rhythms of the moon cycles I learned how I can flow with these cycles and heal through them.  I loved it so much that I became a yoga teacher to enhance and form a deeper understanding of how  both practices.


Yoga has helped me get back into my body and out of my head through learning how to surrender and to be in the moment.  Yoga, while a very disciplined practice, has truly taught me the art of relaxing.  Through my years of practing I have been able to learn how to release so much tension and emotional pain from my body.  Learning about the yoga philosophies has really helped me embody the art of being a Yogi!


Finally, if you consider yourself a witch, but not a yogi, or a yogi, but not quite a witch, learning to combine both of these practices into your own unique and authentic personal practice will help enhance your spiritual practice.  Being a Yoga Witch has been an incredibly fufilling and fun experience for me and I can wait to give you the best of both yoga and witchcraft.  


PSSST: I may be writing a book on my healing journey through Yoga and Witchcraft so be sure to follow me on my YouTube channel so you have be informed on all my happenings!

Yoga Witch | Witchy Yoga Retreats | The Season of Anya
Yoga Witch | Witchy Yoga Retreats | The Season of Anya
Yoga Witch | Witchy Yoga Retreats | The Season of Anya
Yoga Witch | Witchy Yoga Retreats | The Season of Anya
Yoga Witch | Yoga Magick & Witchcraft | The Season of Anya

Keywords: Sarah Robinson, is also known at the author Sarah Robinson yoga for witches where discusses yoga poses for the yoga witch.  Our style and methodology are slightly similar but I offer a whole different approach to yoga and witchcraft and have created this spiritual practice before even being familiar with her book, yoga for witches. yoga magic

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