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The Season of Anya

What is Modern Witchcraft? A look at the Modern Witch

What is Modern Witchcraft? A look at the Modern Witch

Witch, witch, you're a witch! What is up with these eclectic people who call themselves witches? I've been in what we call the "broom closet" for quite some time now, but in this journey of coming to terms with who I am, I've decided to embrace the word. A modern witch.

Why though? Why is the world full of titles, and why can't I just be "me"? Well, simply put, it has a lot of significant meaning to me. Being a witch is essentially a spiritual title, it's no different than saying you're a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or even an Atheist. Calling myself a "witch" is simply a way to identify myself and surround myself with other like-minded individuals, but for hundreds of years a witch has had a very negative connotation. I mean, hello, Salem witch trials anyone?

It doesn't help that even in the past 100 years or so, witches have been seen as these beings who cast spells, and are consumed by the darkness and are evil beings who are obsessed with the occult, and high magick. Well, in some cases, I'm sure that's true, but I truly don't believe that most people who call themselves witches truly resonate with that. Even in recent years I had a conversation go, "Oh you're a witch? Wasn't Casey Anthony Wiccan or something?" I don't really if that was the exact person, but being compared to a murderer is not exactly flattering.

So, what is a witch?

My friend Carey worded it perfectly. "Witches are ones who change the world around them though thought and focus", and I couldn't agree more.

In a later post I will probably get into my personal practice, but to elaborate on his point, it's about living life with intention. What do you want out of life, what means the most to you? Every action we make has a reaction, a trickle down effect, a balance. Every thought we have gives us a different reality. Our words possess so much power, so why put a positive spin on things?

Me? Maybe it's because I'm empathic, maybe because I truly try to see the best in everyone, but to me, that's what being a witch is all about. If we believe and say that people are inherently bad, that's the message we're spreading, which brings me back to that trickle down effect. Your words impact people and you may not even realize it. So, if we deliver the message that people are inherently evil, then those words will shape the world around us.

This isn't to say that some people are evil. As much as I want to embrace the hippie peace and love movement, I also realize that isn't always the case, and some people are just terrible human beings which are generally terrible due to their life experiences.

So my philosophy is, what if we start putting out a more positive message? Maybe the message just needs to start with the self. Say something nice to yourself. Now spend the next week saying it like you actually believe it. Say it 100 times. Look at yourself in the mirror when you say it, and give yourself a smile as you say it. The hardest phrase for me to say was "I am beautiful", but even though I believe it, I knew with the right amount of consistency and intention I could manifest those thoughts for real.

On a separate note, we may light the occasional candle, light some herbs in the cauldron, and dance around a bonfire on a full moon, but that's for a different post my friends.

Until next time.



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