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How to Witchcraft: How to Make A Sigil (Witchcraft Symbol)

 How to Witchcraft: How to Make A Personal Sigil | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
How to Create Your Own Personal Sigil | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

How to Witchcraft: How to Make A Sigil (Witchcraft Symbol)

Welcome back witches, today we will be discussing how to make a sigil, which are just symbols of power in witchcraft. In my previous post about sigils, I shared a few examples of how to use sigils, and some of the reasons you may want to use them and incorporate them into your Witchcraft. If you haven't had the chance to take a look at that, please do so you have some context for what I'm about to discuss.

In this post, we're going to dive into a couple of different ways that you can create a Sigil of your own. In a nutshell, there is no right or wrong way to do it, just have fun with and don't be afraid to keep trying different things out. When it "feels right", then it's done.

Storytime: Below is a new sigil power symbol I'm working with, it took me quite a few attempts to

How to Make a Sigil | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

create this, and the original design is nothing like what I thought. When I initially created this sigil, my intention was to create something to remind me to flow a little better. When I initially thought of the design, my first thought was to draw waves and add some frills to them, I tried for a good 10 minutes, and it didn't feel right so I scrapped it entirely. Then, my next sigil idea was to create something that harnesses intuition, based off a triagnle--same thing, It wasn't working out. So I scrapped that too.

All of this is actually going on in the middle of an online discussion that I was leading

How to Make a Sigil | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
Sigil Continued

about sigils, and Im low key stressed because I couldn't think of anything that was working for me. So, again, I shifted gears. I decided to create another design that represented my personal power, and in that instance I decided to base the sigil of off the letters "SOA", Season of Anya, within moments I created a badass sigil that was so intuitive to create, and my friend Tes instantly commented how that flowed really


I share this not to show off as an artistic genius of sigils (because I definitely am--just kidding!), but sometimes you gotta think outside of the box, or shift your energy a little bit further in order to create what you're really meant to. Plus in this case, combining SOA together actually has more significance for me than a frilly wave with squiggles around it.

How to Make a Sigil: Finished Product | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
How to Make a Sigil: Finished Product | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch

See what I mean? When it's right you'll just know, because it just makes sense. So be easy on yourself!!!

Using Symbols, different fonts:

Feel free to incorporate different symbols into your sigil making. If you are looking to cultivate self love, feel free to incorporate a heart into there, maybe throw the letters "S" and "L" into the mix to stand for self love.

If you want to get fancy, there are free online font generators that can help inspire you, or you can use symbols from different languages, or all sorts of places.

Try it out, let me know what you think and share your sigils in the comments below.

Using Words and Letters to Create Sigils

One popular way to create a sigil would be to write out a word or phrase that you are trying to manifest, then begin taking out repeated letters. For example:

"I will find a new career that brings me joy"

When you take out all repeated letters, you're left with:

"F D C H B G S M J O Y"

Now that you have the letters you're working with, begin thinking of images or various symbols that remind you of what it is you're trying to manifest, then incorporate those symbols or ideas and merge them with the letters you're left with. I recommend having a scrap note book where you can doodle away all the various ways you can create these symbols. Over time, you'll become familiar with your style and flow, and you'll be able to make them with more ease.

How to Use a Witchy Sigil

Tracing back throughout our history, we witches have been incorporating symbols, carvings, and drawings into our magick for ages. Creating magick from within your heart and your mind can add layers to any working. Here's different ways you can use sigils in your craft:

Use Sigils on Candles

Carving sigils onto candles before workings is a great way to boost the working.

Carving Sigils on Doorframes or Windowsills

Carving protection sigils onto doorframes or windowsills is also very popular amongst witches.

Burning Sigils in a Fire

Throwing an object with the sigil drawn or carved onto it into a fire adds great depth to releasing workings

Draw Sigils onto You With Make-Up

Now this is a personal favorite amongst my own personal coven. Draw them on your face with a concealer stick, then blend it on with your foundation. This is a great way to incorporate magick into your every day mundane life if you're still living in the witchy closet!

Sigils FAQs

As witches, we often find ourselves lost in a labyrinth of questions when exploring the mystical realm of sigil magic. But don’t let the unknown deter you, my magical friend. Instead, venture into the uncharted with an open heart. After all, it's in the quest for answers that the true magic happens. In a lantern-lit corner of our enchanting journey together, I've gathered the most frequently asked questions about sigil creation. So, sit back, cradle your favorite crystal, and allow the whispers of ancient wisdom to guide you through the mystical art of making a sigil. Let's unravel these mysteries together, one question at a time.

1. What if there are too many "remaining letters" to comfortably design a sigil?

It's not uncommon to end up with a significant number of "remaining letters" when you're starting with a long phrase or sentence. But remember, making your own sigil should be a fun and creative process, not a chore! If you find yourself with a surplus of letters, there's absolutely no rule that says you have to use all of them. You can simply choose the ones that resonate most with you, or those that seem to lend themselves best to your design. And hey, you could always save the unused letters for your next sigil creation adventure!

2. What exactly is a temporary sigil and how does it differ from a permanent one?

3. Why should we write sigil intentions in the present tense?

When crafting your sigil intentions, it's recommended to use the present tense because it helps to create a stronger connection with the goal you're trying to manifest. In other words, you're not projecting your intention into some uncertain future; instead, you're affirming it as already existent in your present reality. This method aligns with the Law of Attraction, where it's believed that you attract what you believe or perceive. So, if you're manifesting self-love, instead of writing "I will love myself," write "I love myself." It's a subtle shift, but it can make a potent difference in your sigil magic!

4. What's the connection between sigils and chaos magic?

5. Why are Latin words often used in creating sigils?

6. What is the significance of removing repeating letters while creating a sigil in witchcraft?

7. Can I use shapes and geometrical symbols in Sigil Magic?

As a reminder, these are just one witches way of making and using Sigils. I'd love to hear how you make sigils in the comments below, also follow me on Youtube @SeasonofAnya. Once again, thank you joining me on this beautiful journey you may call life, but I call The Season of Anya. Many blessings xoxo


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