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Getting Started with Tarot: Choosing a Deck

Getting Started with tarot is really not a complex concept, but due to social media, and people who like to gatekeepe this very open practice, we are sometimes found left with not understanding "what's allowed" and what isn't. There are no rules to witchcraft and Tarot! It's really about the practice of you. With all of that said, I will give you some brief tips for choosing a tarot deck.

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My number one tip for figuring out which tarot deck to choose, is to find artwork that speaks to you! Go to your local witchy shop and play with the decks that they have. There are so many decks available these days that you can choose a deck for literally any niche. If you want a Ru Paul Tarot Deck, then there is absolutely one out there for you! It's a fabulous deck by the way.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the kitschy decks, but that's just me. I'm inspired 100% by the artwork and the feelings it invokes. My first deck was the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans. I really enjoyed this deck because it emanated a beautiful feminine energy to it and that's what I was drawn to.

Tip #2 in choosing your own Tarot deck is find one that is VERY image heavy. What I mean by that is the image heavy decks that more importantly illustrate a story. If I were to pull a card like the 6 of pentacles, and only see 6 pentacles as the image, it's not going to speak to me. For a beginner, a nice deck will have each card demonstrating a story versus just providing a literal picture of the card its portraying.

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For example, doesn't this image speak to you a lot more than if you were just to look at 7 swords? Make sure to look at the entire deck before purchasing because sometimes it's only the major arcana cards that have the pretty pictures.

The benefit of going with an art-heavy deck, is that when you start developing your tarot and intuitive practice, you can actually use your intuition to see the message of the cards, and their meanings. While I'm incredibly guilty of it, you don't want to get in the habit of constantly look at the definitions of what a tarot card means, because it's so subject to interpretation.

My third tip, is consider going with the old school Rider Waite Tarot Deck. This deck is probably the one you're most familiar with or have seen in movies, or other media involving tarot. Yes, it's old school, but It's an oldie but a goodie! Each card tells a story, so even if you don't know the technical meaning, if you lean into the imagery enough you can find the message that's in the cards.

That's my simple advice for you witches looking to choose your 1st tarot deck. Also, please do me a favor and if you EVER hear the rumor that you MUST be gifted a tarot deck in order to practice tarot, please dispel and ignore it!!! There is lots of gatekeeping involved with tarot and witchcraft, so ignore all of that nonsense!

In my next post about tarot, we will discuss connecting with your deck! Can't wait to share it with you!!

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