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How To Witchcraft: What Spellwork Is and Isn't

How To Witchcraft: What Spellwork Is and Isn't

Most witches are also called "practitioners" because they do just that, they practice their crafts on a regular basis. What is it witches actually do though? Often times, you'll hear us referencing "Spells", "Workings", "Blessings", "Ritual", the list goes on and on. While each has its own unique qualities and similarities to it, each are different and mean different things to each witch. No matter what you call it, the results are usually aimed towards consciously manifesting an altered result or reality due to the magick performed by the witch. Spellwork can be hard, and it involves a level of dedication that can last days or even weeks. Some witches call spellwork "workings", because you gotta constantly work at them!

Now, this is just one witches view on how these words are defined and will most likely change from witch to witch, and in this blog we'll go over the different ways my own coven has used these and some spells we've done ourselves and what spellwork is and isn't!

What is a Spell?

Spellwork, as stated earlier, is often time defined as consciously manifesting an altered result due to the magick performed by the witch. Maybe you want that promotion you've been working really, really hard for at work, so you do a working to make sure your boss has seen all of your efforts and knows that you're right for the position.

Maybe your best friend has just gotten news she is ill, so you want to do a healing spell to send her blessings and healing energy. Cinnamon magickal properties have a wide range of use. Cinnamon is easily affordable, and sprinkled at the front of your door at the first of the month brings prosperity and abundance, the list goes on and on. Witches know that they are powerful, and they are not afraid to use that power to make the world a better place for them.

What a Spell Isn't:

Magick is not the solution to all of your problems, and if you're looking for that one spell that's going to answer all of your problems, send you a million dollars, make your partner stop cheating, or get your mother-in-law to finally like you. Magick is a great tool to help make the world your happy place, it can aid you in your adventures and in your wants, but it can not do everything for you.

Casting a spell once and walking away from it could bring the results you're looking for, but standing in front of your altar every day for a week straight working the same spell over and over again will most likely bring the results you're looking for, again, that's why we refer to them as workings. You need to think about it every day, you need to add intent, incense, candles to your altar every day. You need to let the magick know that you aren't just casting and waiting, you are casting and casting, and casting again.

How to Cast a Spell

Keep in mind, this is just one witches view on how to do spellwork. There are hundreds, and hundreds of ways that you can cast. But here's some suggestions if you are truly "stumped".

How to Cast a Circle:

Casting a Circle in witchcraft means to create a center-point to where you will be creating magick. It is marking a space where you are going to be in control of the energies around you , and how you manipulate them. You want to include in your circle cast a rough idea as to what it is you are going to be preforming. Here's an example of an easy one we've used in our coven many times:

I cast this circle

Three times round

So this may be

Sacred ground

Some folks like invoking the gods or the quarters for their circle cast, that is for each witch to decide for themselves if they want those energies there.

What is a Blessing in Witchcraft:

A Blessing in Witchcraft is also called a Healing Spell. Witches love healing spells, and have been using them for decades. Imagine that person, or thing, you are trying to heal and (though as silly as it sounds) Imagine them in a bubble of white light, and that light is their healing essence. You will imagine that white bubble becoming as bright as it possibly can, and that you are filling that bubble with healing energies.

How to Perform a Ritual in Witchcraft:

Performing a Ritual in witchcraft can be called "performing" because it does have quite a few steps to it, and most rituals follow a sort of "Outline" to keep everything structured. In this blog, I'll go over the generic Ritual Outline but do understand, this is a very flexible outline that is supposed to match the energies and intent you are trying to achieve with this working.

Ritual Steps:

  1. Cast a Circle

  2. Invoke God/Goddess

  3. Invoke Elements/Quarters/Watchtowers

  4. Cast Magick

  5. Release Elements/Quarters/Watchtowers

  6. Release God/Goddess

  7. Close Circle

Each path has it's own way of doing magick, and each practitioner may even have their own personalized way of doing it, trust in you and trust in your magick.

Some witches love incorporating herbs and crystals into their workings, I know it's a staple for me and my coven! Tigers eye crystals are great for protection, and can be found in cute bracelets easily online. Herbs for manifestation are also a vital tool. Burning lavender and local herbs can help ground you to the earth around you, and lastly burning incense is also great to get you into magick headspace and always adds to your witchy aesthetic.

How do you do spellwork at home? Let us know and thank you for journeying with The Season of Anya, be sure to follow us on YouTube @TheSeasonofAnya for more goodies!



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