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The Season of Anya

How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch

How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch | The Season of Anya

How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch

Welcome back witches! It has been some time since I've made a post about a deity or a goddess, so today we are going to discuss the Goddess Diana, known for her association with the moon and being an incredibly independent woman. If you haven't already, be sure to check out my video Connecting with dieties as a witch on YouTube so you can understand what it means to connect with a deity as a modern witch. She is actually one of the five dark goddesses that my coven honors and works with, so I am pleased to share her story with you!

In ancient Greek culture, Diana was seen as a model of female empowerment; she was thought to have the power to bring abundance and good luck into people's lives. Many cultures also believe that by invoking Diana’s power, they can ask for her assistance with fertility and childbirth.

Today, many witches honor Diana during their rituals and magickal workings. They often call upon the goddess to bring forth abundance and growth in their lives. By invoking Diana's energy, it is believed that she will bring good fortune and blessings into one’s life. Many witches will also make offerings to the goddess as part of their ritual work, such as flowers or incense.

The History of the Goddess Diana

Diana is a well-known goddess in Greek and Roman mythology, being the daughter of Jupiter and Latona/Lato. She is most commonly associated with the hunt, fertility, animals, and the moon. Her feast day is often associated on August 15th, and also sometimes on august 13th or simply observed on the august full moon.

She is the twin sister of the god Apollo and despite being twins, she was actually born one day before him. With that, she not only did she witness but actually assisted her mother in the agonizingly painful act of childbirth (that's the ancient lore for ya!). Scareed eternally from the horror that she witnessed the Goddess Diana declared to her father that she never wanted to bare children.

The lore I have come across states, that she was a midwife to many women, and not just her mother, which is why she is very much known for being the goddess of love and fertility. Many witches of different cultures invoke Diana to increase their chances of having children, or perhaps help with fertility issues.

With that said, Diana was very much an independent woman and decided to dive deep into the art of hunting and is closely associated with animals. She is often depicted with her hunting dogs nearby her side, symbolizing her connection to them. This connection has deep roots, making it easy to see why dogs are seen as loyal companions even today. Diana became known as the patroness of hunters and wild animals due to her prowess with a bow.

How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
How to Honor Goddess Diana as a Witch | The Season of Anya

Honoring Goddess Diana as a Witch

In mid August, Nemoralia, celebrated by many witches and pagans, honors Diana and her connection to animals, fertility, and the hunt. On this day it's common for people to light torches in her honor, make offerings to her, as well as adorn dogs, which represent her hunting dogs) with garlands around their necks.

Honoring Diana as a witch is relatively simple. If you wish to honor the goddess, you can light a candle in her name or make an offering to her that symbolizes something she is associated with, such as love, fertility, or nature, for example. Doing so will help connect you to Diana and bring some of her power into your life if you are seeking assistance.

In addition to honoring Diana as a witch, it's important to remember that she is associated with other forces of nature. As a goddess of fertility, she can be invoked to bring abundance and growth into your life. Similarly, as a huntress, she can give strength and courage during times of struggle. By understanding Diana's power and taking the time to invoke her in your magickal practices, you'll find that the goddess can help you achieve many great things.

As witches, it's important for us to understanding her story so we can make a deep and authentic connection with not just this goddess, but all deities that we work with so that we benefit from their blessings. With just a few simple offerings or rituals, honoring Diana in your own magickal practice can easily be done.

Offerings for Diana

In addition to traditional offerings, there are many other ways you can honor the goddess Diana. One great way to do this is by calling upon her spirit in your rituals or magickal workings. It sounds easy, but sometimes that's really all it takes, and is a great way to become acquainted with that energy to decide if you vibe with it.

If you want to "go for it" you can also set up an altar in her honor and decorate it with items that symbolize things she is associated with, such as a crescent moon, flowers, animals (especially deer), arrows, or other symbols of fertility. She is associated with the color silver, tuquoise, white and green.

Additionally, you could create a prayer to Diana that speaks from your heart and expresses your gratitude for the blessings she has brought into your life, or the blessings you wish to receive. You can also make a point to take time each week to meditate on her story and focus on how her power has helped you in the past or again, those blessings you wish to receive.

My personal opinion is to start off with something small, so it feels natural. I don't work with many deities myself, so just lighting a candle with intention and welcoming her into your sacred space is more than enough. Trust me as the connection builds, it will feel more natural. Start small and allow it to build out or fizzle naturally.


In essence, Diana is a powerful goddess associated with the hunt, fertility, and animals. She has been worshipped for centuries by many cultures looking to benefit from her power and strength. By understanding Diana's story and taking the time to honor her in our magickal practices, we can gain access to her power and bring growth into our lives.

Thanks for subscribing to the Season of Anya, don't forget to connect with me on YouTube so you can see all other sorts of witchy content on there. With that I ask: "Do you connect with the goddess Diana?" let me know in the comments below and share about your favorite deity.

Happy honoring! 🔮 🌙 🐶


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