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The Season of Anya

August Blue Moon Spell: 31 Days Of Witchcraft

Full Moon Spell | The Season of Anya |
Full Moon Spell | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Blue Moon Spell: 31 Days of Witchcraft

Buckle up witches, it’s time to get excited – the August Super Moon Full Blue Moon is almost here! Since this rare cosmic event only occurs once every few years, it’s the perfect time to harness the powerful energies of the moon and the cosmos for some serious magick and spell work. Meaning, we've got some work to do this month. If you've been slacking on your moon magick, this month is really the time to recalibrate.

I don't know if it's because I am a cliche proud Leo but I am pumped that we get two super full moons on our birth month (sorry to my July Leo's, I still love ya tho), but I am so, so feeling this energy. With that said, let's do our First Witchy Challenge together as a community! We are going to do a month long spell working to really hone in on this energy and create something beautiful out of it.

August is the season of the Sun, it's full of life, it's full of energy, so let's combine all these delicious energies and manifest. I'm going to break down some basic information about the magick of this moon so we can manifest with this moon magick appropriately.

Please check out my August full moon video on my Youtube channel for more information on the energies of this full moon for August to get an idea of where I'm coming from with the intention of this moon spell.

Moon Spell |The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
31 Day Full Moon Spell | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Super Moon & Blue Moon Magick Spell for Morden Witches

What is a Full Blue Moon?

First, let’s talk about what a Full Blue Moon is. It occurs when there are two full moons in a single calendar month. This is a rare occurrence. Btw, in case you didn't know, the name “blue moon” has nothing to do with the moon’s color – it simply refers to the fact that it’s a unique and rare event. August 31st i day you must mark on your calendar as the date of this remarkable event.

What is a Super Moon?

This phenomenon occurs when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, known as the perigee. The moon's orbit around our planet is not a perfect circle, so its distance from Earth varies throughout its orbit.

During a supermoon, the moon can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than an average full moon when it is at its farthest point from Earth, known as the apogee. The difference in size and brightness is most noticeable when the moon is near the horizon, where it can be compared to familiar objects like buildings or trees.

Important Dates to Be Aware of:

August 1st: 1st Super Moon (when the Challenge begins)

August 15: Dark moon (lots of shadow work and manifesting for us)

August 31st: Blue Moon and completion of the challenge.

Important Note: This working can be done any time we have a blue moon, so be sure to save this moon spell for a later date if you enjoyed it, and write it down in your book of shadows!

Blue Moon Spell for Witches (31 Days of Magick and Witchcraft)

For this particular working, we are going to make an effort to connect every day with our moon water, our crystals, and our altar. Be prepared to dedicate 15-30+ minutes for on the days of full moon magick and dark moon as well as the blue moon. Other than that, every day you will only need about 2-5 minute to connect with your altar and get into a magickal, meditative headspace. We want it to count but we’re also modern witches and have shit to do.

The intention of this moon spell is that we are getting into the rhythm of leaning how to release, and receive and then we are going to do some serious manifesting….and yes serious shadow work on the August Dark Moon, so be prepared to have an honest conversation with yourself with some journaling, self study and contemplation along the way.

BTW-- If you join me in this challenge, please tag me on Tik Tok or other social media so others can share and learn from you, make sure to @theseasonofanya.

Plus, if you’re following me on there I will post updates and thoughts to keep us on track, myself especially.

Super Blue Moon Spell for Witches: Shadow Work Manifestation Spell

Suggested Materials:

Container for moon water

Distilled water (if possible)

Essential oils or sea salt

A Crystal for release: Amethyst, Sodalite, Quartz are options

White candle

Black candle

Palo Santo or Sage Incense

Journal or something to write with

Now, come August 1st (or the first full moon of the month) we can officially begin.

Open the energies by reciting:

"On this full moon, I embrace the magick of my highest self, for I am divinely connected with the ebbs and flows of the elements of air, fire, earth and water around me, always flowing, and forever changing."

Grab onto a crystal of choice, close your eyes, and sit silently for a few moments as we connect with this liminal space we've just created, take your time before moving on.

Still holding onto your crystals, meditate on what pains, traumas, and mental loads encompass your heart and burden your soul? Feel these energies and allow yourself to feel the stress and tension of this internal wounding. Now, while you feel this ball of discomfort, transfer these energies on to your crystal, release the tensions and feel the energy move through your body. Sometimes literally visualizing a deep, dark flow of murky water from the top of your head to your hands moving downward can really help stay connected with the energy and allow the needed release. Take as much time as you need with this (I'd give it a good 5-10 minutes) and when you're feeling refreshed and lighter, open your eyes and place crystal on your altar.

PSA- Sometimes with energy work, clearing the energy has be uncomfortable and may give slight discomfort, that's okay, that means is moving through you and not staying stagnant in your body anymore.

Now with this yummy relaxed and cleared headspace we will bless the moon water by adding distilled (if possible) water into the container. Add a few drops of essential oil if available, or just add a couple pinches of salt instead and then and seal the container.

If possible, go outside and gaze at the full moon with your moon water and spend some time with her loving light and feel the gentle and soft flow of the moon rushing through your body from your head, down through your heart, past your arms, your hands, and moving past your feet and down to the earth.

If you can't go outside or get near a window, know that you are still connected with this energy, even if not physically in line with the moon. It's about intention, remember?

Take the time to feel and connect with the light of this energy, especially after the deep release make sure you are allowing yourself to receive and fill back up with all the room you created. Do not rush this part.

Full Moon Spell | The Season of Anya |
Full Moon Spell | The Season of Anya |

Begin to feel the transfer of energy from your hands to the moon water. As you hold onto your moon water recite:

"With the divine light of the moon, I purify and cleanse this water, for it is now sacredly charged by her soft, nurturing warmth and its peircing lunar energies. I receive and channel this cosmic energy, always available as I strive to maintain a pure heart of hearts."

Once you feel fulfilled, place your moon water on your altar and grab your journal and write down any thoughts or feelings that came through you.

Once finished, close the portal by saying:

"I thank the elements of this earth, the air to my breath, the fire of my spirit, the earth of my body, and the water of my blood for this sacred moment. Blessed be."

After this initial full moon spell, all you have to do is a quick (or long if you have the time), check in with your crystal and your moon water and engage with daily practice.

Daily Practice: Every day all you need to do is light your palo Santo or incense, wave it around your head three times as you take a few deep mindful breaths. Once centered, grab your crystal and focus on releasing any stress, anxiety, or unpleasant energies that have been sitting with you from the day. Once those energies have cleared, grab your moon water, hold it, and receive the cleansing energy from it and connect with it for a few moment. This can be as quick or as meditative as you like, the biggest thing is just staying consistent with it.

Repeat this cycle every day until the Dark Moon on August 15. Don't worry, this spell will still work if you miss a day. Try not to though, the commitment it half of the magick, you deserve it babe. I will have a follow up post here on my blog or on my YouTube Channel at least a week prior so be sure to subscribe and check back for the next steps.

What do you think? Who plans on doing this Full Moon Ritual with me? Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube for the second and third part of this ritual.

Also, if you do this moon spell with me, please tag me/stitch me on Tik Tok so we can share our journey with others. Plus, I will have checks ins to keep us (especially me) on track and to stay focused on this working. Blessed be, witches.


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