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The Season of Anya

Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender

Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender | The Season of Anya |
Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender | The Season of Anya

Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender

Welcome back to the Season of Anya where we discuss Witchcraft for Beginners from a Spiritual Yoga Witch.

This final part of the 31 Days of Witchcraft challenge with our Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender. Let's take a few deep, mindful breaths and take a moment to reflect on what has happened this month and being abundant with gratitude no matter the current circumstances of life. If you've been following the challenge since day 1, welcome back: You've had a very busy witchy calendar month, and I'm proud of you for your dedication to your spiritual journey and further your practice of witchcraft.

In this past month you've made moon water, done some serious shadow work, made room to release your tensions and your traumas, and have begun the magick of manifestation...not to mention connecting with your altar every day. Many times in my own spiritual practice I can't even say I've been that consistent with my witchcraft practice.

Take a look at the last two blog posts about this 31 Days of Witchcraft Challenge, and remind yourself why you did this, and what you wanted to gain from taking on this challenge. Now is a great time to grab your journal, and reflect on all the growth you've had during this last month. This journey has allowed me to dive very much deep into myself so I can manifest and channel spirit much more clearly.

Making Room for Abundance with Witchcraft

Ultimately, it's not what you were able to physically manifest, but it's it's about the room you created from the deep shadow work release and the intentions that were set. We all know that the universe works in mysterious ways, but when casting spells, witches must know that once the intention is set, the magick will unfold. I know, we just want to snap our fingers and get everything all at once, but that's not how real magick works my friends.

Sometimes we get more instant gratification, and sometimes we sit in the void not knowing if anyone is even listening to our prayers. Remember, manifesting is not just about desire, but it's about taking tangible, actionable steps, every day with that daily grind to build a better tomorrow for ourselves. It's about putting in the work, it's about having a grounded sense of what we intend to manifest, what we intend to do with our manifestations once we receive them, and, how are we going to share our blessings with the community. Yes, sharing always has to be apart of the equation.

I want to take a moment and remind you all that this blog isn't like some of the things you may have seen on Witchtok or other areas of the internet. A real witch's magick works, but it takes time. Trust me, I'm the last person who wants to say it but it's the truth. Just this year alone I have thought some major goals and desires of my life were coming to fruition but either something got in the way, or I had to trust my intuition and actually pass on an opportunity that wasn't right for me, despite seeming like it was everything I want.

The best words I've heard is that we are working on divinity's timeline and not our own. These also feel like the worst words sometimes because it reminds us to utilize **patiece**. Ew, I know. But when you think abut it kind of like baking a cakes, we've gathered all the ingredients, and now it just needs to come out of the oven so we can decorate it and enjoy it. Sometimes there are a lot of factors that need to come into play to make our desires come true. Time is irrelevant.

We've learned a lot this month, stay connected to divinity and your dreams will come true. Promise. Now, onto the spell

Blue Moon Release Spell | The Season of Anya |
Blue Moon Release Spell | The Season of Anya |

Blue Moon Spell for Release and Surrender

Incense or tools for grounding

Candle of Choice

Toothpick, knife, of sharpie (for either etching or writing the intention on your candle.

Journal and pen

To begin, we are going to call upon our higher selves.

I open up my heart and soul to the wisdom and guidance of my higher self. For my journey is merely beginning. My faith in Divinity is strong, as well as my connection to my intuition. I open all my energy to receive divine guidance.

Take a few mindful breaths, settle into this energy, and meditate on a thought that resonates with what you'd like to manifest. When you are ready, grab your candle of choice. If it's a chime candle, take a knife and carefully etch (or write) your word or intention into the candle, slowly, and mindfully. There is no rush.

As you begin to carve out your meditation, begin to chant repeatedly:

I attract what I desire with the spirit of this fire.

When you have finished carving out your word of intention, light the candle a blaze as you finish your chant.

Take some time to soak in these energies. When the time is right, repeat as many times as desire:

I surrender to what it. I let go of what was. I forever have faith in what will be.

Grab your journal, and begin your shadow work.

Time to Reflect: 6 Witchy Shadow Work Prompts

--What traumas did I heal from this month?

--In what way did I make room to receive blessings?

--What areas do I still need to improve on for my manifestations to complete?

--What do I still desire? What steps will I take to move forward.

--The main message I received was.....

--I am thankful for spirit because....

As you shift your focus on your shadow work, be sure to soak in these beautiful energies you've created with your candle magick. When you've completed the prompts, seal the energy by thanking Spirit and your guide for all the lessons you've been taught this month.

I thank the divine guidance of spirit for healing my emotional wounds, and giving me the strength to manifest my wildest desires. Blessed be.

Allow the candle to continue to burn out, or snuff the candle, but do not blow it out. Be sure to continue to light the candle through completion for your manifestation to come true.

Blue Moon Spell Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for journeying with me for this month of magick. We have set our intentions out there, we have made the commitment to the journey, and now we must wait for everything around us to fall into place. Keep taking steps towards your manifestations and keep staying connected with your magick! Remember, you can revisit these spells at any time, whether you decide to repeat the entire challenge, or piecemeal each of the three workings as you see fit. These spells are yours to keep and hang on to.

Keep wishing, keep dreaming bigger, and keep staying magickal my friends. Catch you on YouTube for updates, and thank you for Subscribing to the Season of Anya.


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