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The Season of Anya

Dark Moon Spell to Release and Manifest with Shadow Work

Anya Challenge | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Dark Moon Shadow Work Spell for Witches | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch

Dark Moon Spell to Release and Manifest with Shadow Work

Welcome back to my 31 Days of Witchcraft Challenge! Check out my previous post about this challenge to get a general idea of what we've been working on if you're just now tuning in to this series. If you missed the first phase of this full moon/dark moon spell, don't worry about it! Just pick it it now, the timing doesn't matter as long as the intention and focus is there, we are good! Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel for a supplemental videos for this challenge.

And, if you're catching this post at a totally different time of year, this spell stands on it own quite well, so please feel free to utilize it and revisit it as needed.

Now....for those of you who are STILL with me....can I get a hell yeah? Proud of you.

Low key, I'm proud of me too lol. This is a commitment you guys! But as witches, we stand strong and help others because we are dedicated to showing up for ourselves so we have the energy and resources for showing up for other who are in need of help and may not have the same energy and resources as ourselves.

With that said, we are officially 15 days in, let's keep at it, we're almost done. (Well okay technically only 7 by the time this blog post comes up but ya know...)

BTW: I'm also doing daily check ins on my Tik Tok to help keep me...I mean us motivated and in witchy headspace. I've got additional shadow work prompts, quotes, meditations and random other stuff to keep the energy going so we can finish this strong. Go check it out.

Dark Moon Spell & Ritual with Shadow Work to Release and Manifest

Supplies Needed:

Palo Santo, Sage, or Incense

Book of Shadows, or something to write with

A black candle or anything that glows

Moon water that was prepared on full moon (ideally prepared with sea salt or essential oils)


Handkerchief or small towel

Bay leaf

Light a black candle (or anything that you have), take a few deep breaths, and gaze into the light, allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the present moment. When the time feels right, whisper out loud:

With the magick of Divinity, my ancestors, and the benevolent spirit of the land around me, I open up this sacred space to dive deep into the psyche of my past self. I open the portals to my soul with a loving heart. I am fostered with divine strength to visit the woundings of my past, my lacerations, my emotional hurt and my deep-rooted pain. With this open state of conciousness I choose to face my shadows for I longingly seek the journey of inner-healing so that I may embrace and walk this path anew .

Dark Moon Shadow Work for Witchcraft Journal Prompts

-What is my deepest wound that impacts my ability to believe in myself? What memories are tied to these insecurities?

-What parts of myself do I deliberately hold back from myself and others?

-What have I done that makes you feel most like a failure?

- What is the meaning of success to me? What do I fear most about it? How have I gotten in my own way?

-Why am I ready for this energetic release? What action steps will I take to make room for my manifestations?

Place moon water into a bowl. Wash your hands with moon water and as you mindfully wash your hands, finger by finger (taking your time), recite three times:

"I release the impurities of my thoughts and experiences, to recieve a new perspective, and a fresh approach to a new world filled with self compassion and a jovial heart."

Dry off you hands, take three deep, powerful breaths. Close your eyes, and begin to think of something you have been trying to manifest for a long, long time. Something that subconsciously think you don't deserve, or something you thought you could never achieve. Is it a monetary or professional goal? Is it a personal goal or perhaps a loving relationship?

Write it down one word to represent this manifestation on a bay leave, or write down a sigil of yours (need some information on sigils? click here) and carefully burn it into your cauldron or somewhere safely on your altar. As you burn this bay leave, connect with the energy of what you're manifesting, with great detail.

Picture it. Picture every moment of what this new manifestation looks like. Envision yourself as though you already have it. What feelings are associated with this blessing? What colors are associated with it? Who will be around you when you are enjoying this new manifestation? How will it impact your future?

Take time to also receive the messages and take the journey, let the information come to you.

Take the time to journal about what you experienced. Make sure you embrace the good energies as well.

When you're ready, close off the energies and say:

I thank divinity this blessing of divine guidance, healing, and paving the path to a more brightly lit future. Blessed be.

Extinguish candle or let it burn out. If you have a working altar I highly recommend you give fresh offerings of fruit, wildflowers, or even a bit of spare change. If using fresh items, be sure to replenish as necessary until the next moon cycle.

Dark Moon  Shadow Work for Witches | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
Dark Moon Shadow Work for Witches | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Remember to connect with your altar daily, even if it's just lighting some incense, and touching it while you take three mindful breaths. I promise, it's easy to maintain that witchy/magickal headspace, so long as you maintain it.

What did you think of my Dark Moon Shadow Work Spell & Ritual to Release and Manifest blog post? How was everything? Did you all enjoy the shadow work? What are you manifesting? Please drop a comment below with your experience!

Reminder, don't forget to subscribe to my blog and my Youtube channel for the final phase where we celebrate in gratitude with our Blue Super Moon this august.

See you in a couple weeks on the Blue Moon and don't forget to connect with your altar daily. Catch me on Tik Tok for daily updates, inspiration, quotes and everything you need to keep you magickal and connected. Namaste. #theseasonofanya



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