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The Season of Anya

The Goddess Aradia: Queen of the Witches

Italian Moon Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |

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The Goddess Aradia: Queen of the Witches

Inviting the presence of a deity into your spiritual practice can be a profound experience for many. By understanding their lore and stories, each god or goddess carries unique energy and wisdom that can guide us on our path. While she may be lesser known, than say, Hecate, I very much enjoy working with the Goddess Aradia, as she is often sought after for her teachings on personal empowerment, Italian Magick, and the wonders of the feminine and lunar energies. I hope you enjoy this soulful exploration into working with this powerful deity as much as I do.

Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |

Understanding Aradia – Queen of the Witches

Aradia's narrative is intertwined with that of the Strega, the old Italian witches, and the embodiment of a moon goddess. The story of Aradia presents a tantalizing mix of pre-Christian deities and more recent folk traditions. For many, their first encounter with Aradia is through Charles Godfrey Leland's "Aradia, or the Gospel of Witches", a text that proposes to be the record of Italian witchcraft but is equally enigmatic. From my understanding, Aradia's story captures the essence of the Italian Magick, in the sense that her charm is that of the empowered Italian woman archetype--one that is not afraid to use her voice stand up for justice, and to empower those who are in need.

Moon Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |

Aradia the Rebel Witch

Whether she was a historical figure or not, Aradia's tale is one of rebellion and empowerment. As the daughter of Diana, goddess of the hunt and moon, and Lucifer, god of light and knowledge, she was born into power. But it was her choice to favor humanity and life here on earth over divinity that set her apart as a rebel among the gods and goddesses. In some versions of her story, it is said that she was sent to earth by her mother to teach witchcraft and magick to oppressed people, empowering them to overthrow their oppressors.

When you think about it, her story comes during a time of famine, poverty, and people being opressed by the church. This portrayal of Aradia as a liberator and bringer of witchcraft has made her an icon among modern-day witches who seek to reclaim their power and embrace their spiritual journey. I think especially in modern times, it's important for we the people to understand that we can maintain our power. An empowered individual empowers others, thus created a more empowered world. (See the theme here?)

Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |
Arrange your table with thought and care

The Feast of Aradia and her Offerings

As Aradia is a lunar witch, a moon goddess, it's important to note that her feast day is on the February Full Moon. You can honor here any time of year, but a feast day is simply a day where you can have a dinner, a feast, by yourself or among your coven members to honor a deity and tell their stories.

If you are going to have a feast for Aradia be sure to have a table not only for feasting but for offerings. In prior coven feast days, we would often have a feast (let's be honest, it was a delicious potluck...witches love potlucks) and have a separate table on the side that we would set up that evening in her honor. Often times we'd put a plate of food, paired with a delicious red wine to raise in her honor.

The color purple is a great color to symbolize aradia as it's a color that not only represents royalty but divination as well (think third eye chakra, for example). If you have some moon stone, a pentacle, a crystal ball or even a tarot deck those would also make wonderful offerings to Aradia. Ultimately, offerings are a a way to express gratitude, to reciprocate the blessings of the moon's light with earth's bounty.

Dancing with Aradia and Invoking Her Spirit

Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |
Dance with Aradia!

Dancing under the full moon with this moon goddess is a wonderful way to celebrate Aradia. Typically after an intense ritual, we would dance it out. Dance with yourself (yes, I do that quite frequently actually), or with your moon siblings, but dance nonetheless. Invoking the spirit of Aradia may be telling her stories, creating a ritual of empowerment, or divination, for example.

Acts of Blessing and Shared Communion

As the night deepens and the rituals conclude, it’s time for acts of blessing. Light candles representing aspects of life and release them into the darkness. Then, share in a communal meal prepared with love and intention, each bite a direct experience of the goddess’s grace and guidance. Most importantly, HAVE FUN, celebrate with your friends and coven, and enjoy the evening by being utterly in the moment.

Reflection and Gratitude

As the Feast comes to an end, take a quiet moment to reflect on the evening. Record any visions, insights, or feelings; these are gifts from her spirit. Then, express gratitude – to the goddess, to the participants, and to the moon, whose influence is felt in every aspect of the life and light shared, just express gratitude!

It's a time for joy, for magick, and above all, a time to revel in the spiritual bonds that unite us in the one life here on earth. The invitation is open, and the night is yours.

Moon Goddess Aradia | How to Work with Aradia as a Witch | Invoking Aradia |  The Season of Anya |

Aradia Invocation Prayer Spell

Enjoy this Aradia Invocation spell I created, whether you use this in a coven, or as a solitary practitioner, use this invocation to ask a a special request for Aradia.

Really, all you need to do get into a grounded and meditative headspace (preferable on a full moon or crescent moon), visualize your desires, and recite the above prayer three times. Feel free to add your own witchy twist to it! Just remember, when you ask for blessing be sure not only to leave an offering, but think of how you can show up better in your own life for others: Whether it be your family, or community, use this time to support and empower others. As my mentor put it "nothing comes for free".

It could just be showing up for someone when they really need you even though you are tired, supporting your local small business, or doing an act of charity, no matter the size. In order to receive we must always give back in order to live life in balance. I truly hope you enjoy this blessing as it comes from my heart.

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Got any and stories from your feast night or your own experiences with working with the goddess Aradia? Share them below and thank you so much for journeying with me on The Season of Anya: Witchcraft for Beginners from a Spiritual Yoga Witch.


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