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How to Witchcraft: Spell Jar for Abundance

Abundance Spell Jar | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Abundance Spell Jar | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

How to Witchcraft: Spell Jar for Abundance

What is a spell jar and what is abundance? Well, abundance can be defined as many things such as a large quantity of something. So many times, we assume abundance is about money, but sometimes we need an abundance of love, friendship, joy, peace, or even health. The older I get, the more I realize that life isn't about money. Sure, money is a necessity for survival, and we all desire a comfortable amount of money to live on, but that's beyond the point. Let's think outside the box and dive into the bigger picture of what is meaningful in life.

The wonderful part about being a witch is if we are in need of something from the universe, we have the power to grab it, should we make the conscious effort to chose to. However in terms of money: Are you tired of constantly feeling like you never have enough? Are you stressed about your finances and feeling like you can’t get ahead? One way to invite abundance and prosperity into your life is through the use of a spell jar. Spell jars are a common tool in witchcraft and can be used for a variety of purposes. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own abundance spell jar. Try it, it's fun!

How to Connect with a Spell Jar for Abundance

For starters, once we make a spell jar, what are we supposed to do with them? Spell jars are great, but they are not made to just sit around and look pretty, although my aesthetic ass loves a pretty looking altar. After you create your spell jar be sure to actively go back to it jar and give it a good shaeky shake and channel the spirit of abundance through it and keep the energy active. With any magickal tools, keep it dust free and clean, and make sure that you are constantly sending it prosperity manifestations!

What is an Abundance Spell Jar?

An abundance spell jar is a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity into your life(And they are VERY affordable! Check out these packs you can easily get, trust me you'll use plenty of jars in your witchy journey!). By setting your intention, gathering the materials, and following these simple steps, you can create your own abundance spell jar. Remember to continue to focus on your intention and visualize yourself receiving abundance. May this spell jar bring you all the wealth and prosperity you desire.

How to Make a Spell Jar for Abundance

Before we get started on making the abundance spell jar, it’s important to set the intention. What do you want to attract into your life? What does abundance mean to you?

Take some time to reflect on these questions and set your intention for the spell jar. For the sake of this spell jar in particular, we will focus on attracting an abundance of wealth. Start with collecting some items herbs, and oils relating to money. Think green, babes. Below is a list of mere suggestions.

Prosperity Spell Jar | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
A prosperity spell jar I made for my dear friend | The Season of Anya


- A small jar with a lid

- Green or gold glitter

- Shiny Coins or dollar bills

- Cinnamon sticks

- Bay leaves

- Whole cloves

- Basil

- Rosemary

- A piece of paper and a pen

- Green candle wax (I like the colored glue gun sticks!)

Pssst- You don't need ALL of these items, use what you have!


  1. Cleanse your jar with an incense stick, Sage or Palo Santo (Try to respect the local communities, tribes, and the environment. Buy from local witches, or if you live in an ecosystem where it is a plenty, try gathering your own), to remove any negative energy that may be present. Rinse with water and let dry completely.

  2. Write down your intention for the spell jar on the piece of paper. Fold the paper several times and place it at the bottom of the jar.

  3. Add the coins or dollar bills to the jar, visualizing yourself receiving abundance, connect with the energy of abundance. Meditate on the following: What does a life of abundance look like to you? How would your life change with more abundance? What would this abundance feel like

  4. Next, add the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, whole cloves, basil, and rosemary to the jar. These herbs are known to attract prosperity and abundance.

  5. Add a few drops of bergamot oil to the jar. Bergamot is known for its ability to lift the spirits and attract wealth.

  6. Finally, sprinkle the glitter over the top of the jar. This will add some extra sparkle and attract positive energy.

  7. Seal the jar with the lid and green candle wax, hold it in your hands. Visualize your intention coming to fruition and feel the abundance flowing towards you.

Tips and Tricks for Abundance Spell Jars: Want to add a little spice to your spell jar? Here's some additional items you can add into your spell jars depending on the intention.

Top Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

  1. Rose Quarts

  2. Pyrite

  3. Citrine

  4. Amethyst

  5. Green Jade

  6. Tigers Eye

  7. Agate

  8. Carnelian

  9. Garnet

  10. Moonstone

Abundance Jar | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Abundance Jar | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Top 10 Herbs for Prosperity and Abundance

  1. Cinnamon

  2. Bay Leaves

  3. Basil

  4. Whole Cloves

  5. Rosemary

  6. Patchouli

  7. Nettle

  8. Alfalfa

  9. Devil's Shoestring

  10. High John The Conqueror

Post below a picture of your abundance spell jars and thank you so much for following me on this journey. Check out my YouTube Channel The Season of Anya for more witchcraft ideas! Thanks for following my blog!



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