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The Season of Anya

How to Celebrate Beltane for the Modern Witch

How to Celebrate Beltane | Beltane Seasonal Wellness | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

How to Celebrate Beltane for the Modern Witch

What in the what? We are already getting ready for Beltane? I feel like we just celebrated Ostara! Yep, the wheel of the year is MOVING my friends, and we are already getting ready to gear up for this fiery season. Let me tell you, I am here for it and you should be too!

Beltane is such a fantastic time filled with passion, weaving through the web of liminal space, and dancing with the very heartbeat of the earth. It's when the veil between worlds is thin, and the air is thick with possibility. Whether you're into lighting bonfires (if so, can we get together?!), or you're all about putting a modern spin on ancient traditions, here's your guide on how to celebrate Beltane and why it's the ultimate high-five to summer knocking on our door.

How to Celebrate Beltane | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

A Quick History of Beltane

Beltane, celebrated on the first of May, (also known as May Day) is the sabbat wheel of the year that's all about fertility, fire, and pure, unadulterated joy. Yes please! Picture this: Ancient Celts getting their groove on around massive bonfires, welcoming the height of spring and the promise of summer. Kinda badass, right? The bonfire represents protecting the community from unwanted dark spirits and to encourage the crops to grow. It's like an ancient festival turned epic garden party where everyone's invited – from the spirits of the land to the folks next door. Over time, Beltane evolved, but that core sparkle of celebrating life, growth, and connection? It's stayed the same, making it the perfect excuse to gather your tribe, get down with it, and set intentions for the lush and fertile season ahead my friends.

Beltane Altar Ideas | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

Traditional Ways to Celebrate Beltane

As always, let's start with some traditional ways to celebrate Beltane. When we know our history it allows us a better connection to paving the path for new traditions, lets go:

Beltane Altar Ideas | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

  • Fire it Up: Have yourself a little bonfire shindig. If you can’t get outdoors, light some candles to represent the Beltane fires. It’s all about that fire dancing in your heart, right?

  • Wrap Yourself in Ribbons: Grab that maypole (or a candle or a broomstick ) and stream some ribbons around it. We are doing this to represent the may pole and the earth's fertility. Plus we're always a fan of pretty things.

  • Flower Power: If you're like me, your home is your haven home is your haven, so why not jazz it up with flowers of reds and yellows? It connects us to our sense of smell, and having a beautiful floral arrangement is such a beautiful way to invite the essence of Mother Earth to your home.

  • Feast Outdoors: Get friends together for an al fresco (outdoor) potluck. Witchcraft is an earth-based religion, so lets get outside and connect with the earth, especially now that the weather is usually great this time of year.

  • Gifts for Nature Spirits: Tuck away little offerings of honey or milk in your garden or on your altar. Simple offerings like this are nice ways to simple offer thank-you note to the nature spirits for giving us crops and beautiful scenery, just don't over think it and do it!

Spice It Up with a Modern Spin

Beltane Altar Ideas | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

The ancestors had it right with their Beltane bashes, but let's get real, we have a 9-5 to work and a very busy lifestyle to live, and dreams to catch. Modern witches require modern witchcraft:

  • Plant Love: Calling all green thumbs (and even the not-so-green ones)! Why not plant something new in your garden as a modern nod to growth and fertility? Simple. Allow yourself to be present as you plant in your garden.

  • Sustainable Fires: Keep it green by using wood from sources that would make Mother Earth proud. Or, create a little mini fire with LED candles. They got some cool stuff online!

  • Go Digital: Can't make it to Stonehenge? Live-stream your celebration or capture those Maypole dances online. See what other witches are up to!

  • Eat Local: Why not merge the idea of community and outdoor feasts? Feast farm-to-table style with food from local growers, or just make a point to support a small business.

  • Nature Walks: Leave the phone at home and get out there in nature. Allow yourself the opportunity to connect with every last detail, of the plants, of the trees and the sky. Heal your inner child and just allow yourself to be immersed in awe and wonderment.

Easy Beltane Memories

Beltane Altar Ideas | The Season of Anya | Yoga Magick Witchcraft

Want to make Beltane mega-meaningful for you and yours? Check out these tips for sprinkling a little personal magick into the mix:

  • Wishes on a Branch: Scribble down your dreams on something biodegradable and give them to a tree. It's like the tree is your personal mail carrier to the universe. Awwwh, cute huh?

  • Plant a Memory: Get the family together and plant something special. Each year you'll see it grow, just like your love for each other.

  • Mini Bonfire Magick: Gather 'round a candle or your mini bonfire and have everyone share what's in their hearts. It's cozy, it's warm, it's family. The magick of this is sharing with others.

  • Stories Under the Stars: Share tales from the past, weave some for the future, and create memories around the glow of your bonfire. If you can do this with your significant other, or your children, be sure to!

  • Go Wild: Go on an adventure outdoors, even just coasting along a highway 30 minutes outside of town can do a lot for your soul. Drink in the fresh air, and don't forget to thank the earth for the free refill!

Quick Ways to Deepen Your Beltane Celebration

Need a quick fix on how to throw some Beltane spirit into your day? You probably already know this but here are some reminders.

  • Create a Sacred Space: Set up a little altar or spot in your home where you can sit quietly, meditate, and soak up those Beltane vibes.

  • Flower Crowns: Because who doesn’t feel like magickal royalty with flowers in their hair? I know I do!

  • Reflect: Take a moment to ponder the coming summer solstice, and what you want to manifest. It’s all about intention, baby. Dream with me.

Unleashing Your Inner Kundalini on Beltane

Beltane is all about tapping into that vibrant, life-creating energy, and what better way to do it than awakening your inner Kundalini? Imagine this coiled serpent of energy at the base of your spine just waiting to dance up through your chakras, igniting passion, creativity, and connection along the way. Here's how you can get that energy flowing:

  • Sunrise Yoga: Kick off Beltane by greeting the sun with some fiery yoga poses. Think cobra, lizard, and maybe even a warrior pose to awaken your inner strength and fire.

  • Breath of Fire: Sit cross-legged, relaxed but alert. Now, start the Breath of Fire (rapid, rhythmic breathing through the nose), feeling the heat build in your belly, fanning the flames of your inner power. I have a series about breath work for the yogi witch on YouTube, check it out.

  • Chakra Mediation: Post-yoga, why not meditate on opening each chakra, envisioning the colors and energies blossoming open from root to crown. It's like a spiritual spa day for your soul.

  • Dance Like the Wind: After you've meditated, crank up the tunes and dance. Yes, dance like nobody's watching, letting your body move freely. It's all about celebrating life, movement, and freedom. My personal reccomendation lately is Alors En Dance by Stromae. Thank me later.

This Beltane, invite that Kundalini energy to rise and really feel the pulse of the earth coursing through you. It's sexy, it's electric, it's magickal, and it's downright transformative.

Beltane Concluding Thoughts

Whether you’re all about the traditional fire dancing or you're bringing a little tech into your goddess rituals, Beltane is your time to flourish. Sit quietly beneath the stars, swap stories by the bonfire, and celebrate the union between the Celtic sun god and Mother Earth in a festive atmosphere that gets your spiritual energies whirling.

Happy Beltane, beautiful souls! 🌿❤️ How are you going to celebrate this season? Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Youtube as we build our community!


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