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The Season of Anya

Full Moon Spell for an Untethered Spirit

Full Moon Spell for an Untethered Spirit

Namaste Witches! I hope 2024 is treating you WELL. I don't know about ya'll but I feel like 2023 was the year of healing through the bullshit, while this year is time to reap the rewards and live a happy little magickal life free from constraints.

For good measure, I figured we'd start off the new year with some good energy and to say a farewell to some of those habits that aren't treating us well. Before I get into the details I just want to say "Look! we aren't perfect! We are humans and by nature we are imperfect!!"

This super easy spell is just about maintaining a good flow and relationship with ourselves and not allowing ourselves to get in the way of our happiness. Life is hard enough, am I right?

Full Moon Release Spell


All you need is a pen and recycled paper

(Journal is optional)


-Write down three things that get int your way, for example, mine are...

                        Negative self-talk

                        Victim mentality



Grab your journal and write down a specific example of how each of these has interfered with your life in recent times.


            Take the paper, cut it or shred it up into tiny pieces and say “I gently release these tethers to make room for better weather”


            When you’re done cutting it up, you can throw it away, flush down toilet, burn, or ideally bury it, make it into compost or whatever works for you. Think that we are working with this energy and recycling it to create something better.

Below is the accompanying video if you'd like to see me do it "live". More videos to come, thanks for subscribing to the Season of Anya!


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