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The Season of Anya

Why do Witches Choose a Witchy Name

Why Choose a Spiritual Name? | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Why Choose a Spiritual Name? | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Why do Witches Choose a Witchy Name

This particular subject hits so close to me. In my life, I have wanted nothing more to fit in. Growing up Italian-American, I never quite knew which community to be apart of, and I HATED my Italian-ness, so for many years I completely americanized my name so I had a better chance of fitting in.

In fact, depending on which era of life you knew me in, I went by at least 3 different names (four if you count my rave name from back in the day).

However, in a very sexy, and mystical perspective, in my early 20s I was always drawn to the name Anya. It's a rendition of my birth name but spelled more phonetically.

I would start dabbling with that name here and there, but many people in my life did not respect that I chose that name and would like to be called it. I felt so good being called Anya, but, especially being an obese woman, apparently the name didn't fit me as well. "Where the hell did that come from?", "Yeah okay, whatever", or "I'd rather call you by your birth name".

So, I let it go... in defeat.

Then, the owner of a salon I worked at suggested that I go by Anya, because of marketing reasons, and I was just SO delighted to be able to embrace that name again, and it ultimately inspired to me adopt it as magickal name.

Now, let's step back a bit and talk about magickal names.

As we've already discussed the concept of magick, it's no wonder than many people in the spiritual, witchy community like to embrace a magickal name.

Names are powerful! In recent years, I have actually learned to love and embrace my birth name, tremendously. However, when I'm feeling the "essence" of Anya, it's the identity of a name I want to project through myself. When I'm feeling more connected to spirituality, I'm connected with Anya. When my life is truly in alignment, I'm vibing with Anya.

It doesn't always have to be so deep either. I have a dear salon client named Ann, and she shared with me once how she misses being called Annie. When she was younger she was always called Annie, it reminded her of her college days, and was fun and playful. So needless to say, from that moment on I decided to change her name in my appointment system, and start calling her Annie. It's that simple.

Not everyone needs a magickal name. For me, and other practitioners, it helps embrace their connection to their spiritual practice, or maybe it helps them connect to a different side of themselves. As a witch, it also helps keep me balanced, in which headspace I want to project.

Do you have a magickal name, or even just a nickname you've always wanted but never had? I've love to know in the comments. Until next time, witches!

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