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The Season of Anya

What is a Spiritual Yoga Practice?

What is a Spiritual Yoga Practice?  | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
What is a Spiritual Yoga Practice? | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

What is a Spiritual Yoga Practice?

Welcome back, yoga witches! Are you looking to add a little more magick to your yoga practice? Or perhaps you're a witch, a yogi, or simply curious to how to dive deeper into the spiritual realm? Either way, you've come to the right place. My channel is about the beauty that is both of those; Yoga and Magick. Today, we'll explore the world of spiritual yoga and how it can enhance your life and heal your soul. After all, this blog and journey we are all on together is about just that: Yoga, Magick, and a sprinkling of healing xxx

So grab your yoga mat and your book of shadows, my blossoming yoga witches, as we dive into the world of witchcraft and how it can intertwine with your yoga practice!

Bonus tip at the very end for a super secret, super special tip ;)

What Does a Spiritual Yoga Practice Look Like?

First things first, let's talk about what a spiritual yoga practice actually looks like. While traditional yoga focuses on the physical asanas (poses) and breathing techniques, spiritual yoga expands on this by incorporating mindfulness, intention setting, and meditation. In spiritual yoga, the physical practice is just one aspect of a much larger picture. It's about connecting with your inner self, the universe, and the Divine. Each pose is not just a stretch of the body, but a conduit for spiritual energy to flow through you. You know how I always talk about the chakra system right? Working with that energy and understanding those meridians will allow us to flow better and move energy.

How to Incorporate Spirituality into Yoga Practice

One thing to remember is that this is just my personal journey on how to incorporate spirituality within Yoga. It is very important to honor and respect it as a separate practice, with having at strong, or at least basic history (I will be sure to provide you with information on an upcoming post!) so we can truly understand the why's behind this practice. With that said, these are my best tips and tricks to create a spiritual yoga practice.

Use Crystals

Yep, crystals are always fun. One way to infuse your yoga practice with witchcraft is through the use of crystals. Depending on your intention for your practice, you can choose a crystal that resonates with you and place it on your mat or hold it in your hand during meditation. For example, if you're seeking spiritual guidance, you might choose amethyst. For grounding and protection, black tourmaline is a great choice. The possibilities are endless! I love to use my beautiful clear quartz as a grounding stone when I am trying out new poses, it's simple, it's easy and it's a great conduit of energy.

Kundalini Yoga

You may or may not have heard of it, but kundalini yoga is a powerful practice that helps you to access your inner energy and unlock the potential of that Divine consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that helps bring about a kundalini awakening - a state of higher consciousness where dormant energies are released, allowing individuals to achieve their full potential. This practice encourages you to align body, mind and spirit in order to experience a powerful sense of transformation and renewal.

What I love about it is that it is very accessible for anyone despite disabilities, it incorporates a lot of Sanskrit (Indian, hindu) mantras to get you in a trance-like state, and it incorporates the use of mudras, hand positions. With these mudras, you hold a hand position for say, 2-5 minutes on a beginner level . While it's "easy" in theory, it's very much a mind over matter situation that encourages you to ingore your thoughts.

By practicing kundalini yoga regularly, you can start to feel the power of kundalini energy flowing through your body and spirit, which is awesome for aligning chakras (see how all these concepts are interconnected?!). This powerful experience is often felt as a deep sense of relaxation or intense vibrations that flow from the base of your spine up to your head. I'd recommend going to a local kundalini yoga studio if you live in a metropolitan area and checking it out for yourself to really reap the benefits of the group energy.

Mala Prayer Beads

The Sanskrit word for mala is “mukti” which means “freedom from bondage”, and it has 108 and beads. Mala prayer beads are often used to aid in meditation, as each bead holds a different intention or energy. If you are familiar with rosary beads in catholicism, it's a similar concept. With each rotation of the beads, practitioners can focus on a specific mantra or affirmation while inhaling and exhaling.

The goal is to bring about an intensified state of awareness that will lead to spiritual growth and transformation. Mala prayer beads are also great for invoking that Kundalini energy which is the creative life force within us all. Through the use of mala prayer beads, practitioners can tap into Kundalini energy to help unlock their hidden potential and gain a greater understanding of themselves.

I personally like to charge up my mala beads on my altar on a full moon to cleanse them and charge them with that soft lunar energy before I use them, I also enjoy wearing them.

Fun Fact: Mala beads have exactly 108 beads because that is the number that corresponds to to spiritual completetion. For example, sun salutations are often completed in nine rounds of the 12 postures, which when multiplied, adds up to 108. The number 108 is considered important in mathematics, geometry, astrology, numerology as well.

Essential Oils for a Spiritual Yoga Practice | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
Essential Oils for a Spiritual Yoga Practice | The Season of Anya

Essential Oils

Oh my goodness you know love the use of essential oils, they've been crucial to grounding me and clearing my head and putting me back into my body. Another way to add some magick to your yoga practice is through the use of essential oils. Simply diffusing an oil such as lavender or frankincense during your practice can help to enhance your spiritual connection and create a peaceful atmosphere.

You can also apply oils topically before your practice (I like to apply at my temples, back of my head, under my nose, on my wrists, and on my inner thighs and yeah, everywhere haha) You can also mix them with a carrier oil for a post-practice massage bonus points if you can get someone to do it for you.

Spells or Rituals

Of course, the most obvious way to incorporate witchcraft into your yoga practice is through the use of spells or rituals. This could include casting a circle before you begin your practice, reciting a mantra or incantation during a specific pose, or performing a spell during savasana (corpse pose), and of course, doing a full moon witchy yoga flow. Remember to always set your intentions clearly and focus on what you are manifesting.

Soon enough (as I complete my Yoga Teacher training) I will be offering YouTube videos for witchy yoga flows. Be sure to subscribe to see what it's all about.

Spiritual Yoga Poses

Now that we've covered the basics of spiritual yoga and witchcraft, let's dive into some examples of spiritual yoga poses. One of the most well-known spiritual yoga poses is the "Downward-Facing Dog." This pose focuses on grounding and connecting with the earth. Another great pose for spiritual energy is the "Tree Pose," which helps to promote balance and alignment with the universe. The "Warrior II" pose is also great for connecting with your inner warrior and manifesting inner strength. If you want to try something a little

Above is a similar video about how yoga hip openers changed my life. By being able to release a lot of trauma and tension I didn't know I was holding onto for many years, I've been able to become a lot more grounded and in my body which has really helped me open up my root chakra and dramatically reduced my anxiety that constant fight or flight energy state that I was always in.

How to Grow as a Spiritual Yoga Witch

Finally, let's talk about ways to grow as a spiritual yoga witch. The key is to allow your practice to evolve organically and follow your intuition. Attend workshops or classes focused on spiritual yoga if you feel called to, read books on witchcraft and spirituality if not, and continue to experiment with new poses and techniques. Remember that there is no "right" way to practice and that your practice is unique to you. I recommend in dabbling in a little bit of everything until you find what fits your vibe and then diving deep into it!

Incorporating spirituality and witchcraft into your yoga practice can be a powerful tool for healing and growth. Remember to approach your practice with mindfulness and intention, and to always use your magic for good. Whether you're a seasoned witch or just starting your spiritual journey, there's always room to grow and explore new ways to connect with the divine. So go forth and unleash the magic within!

BONUS TIP: Aesthetics can be not only fun, but useful when trying to get into a witchy headspace. Surrounding yourself with crystals that you can touch, oils you can smell, incense burning in the air, and a witchy tune has always been able to get me into a spiritual headspace. But the BIG secret it..... THEY MAKE WITCHY YOGA MATS! This is not a drill fam, and I am utterly in love with them! If it has a moon on it, I'm in. Ha!

What do you think? Are you a spiritual yoga witch? Let us know in the comments and check out my YouTube channel The Season of Anya for more tips and tricks for beginner yoga witches xx



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