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The Season of Anya

How to Witchcraft: Three Easy Spells for Witches

Three Easy Spells | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Three Easy Spells | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

How to Witchcraft: Three Easy Spells for Witches

Hello again witches!!! Today's post is a subject that I hold dear to my witchy heart, and if you've been following this journey with me then you've already read my blog post about What is a Book of Shadows, if you haven't, please go check it out! Included are some goodies about how to personalize your very own Grimoire Book of Shadows.

Eventually on this blog we'll discuss how to make spells of your own, but for today's post I'm going to give you three easy spells for witches to add to your book of shadows so you have a starting reference point.

Witch Spells Book of Shadows | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Witch Spells Book of Shadows | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

What should you put in your Grimoire/Book of Shadow?

If you didn't read my prior post on a witch's book of shadows, the simple answer is: Whatever calls to you, boo!! Some witches like to start their books off with a blessing on their first page. I like to have an inspirational/magical quote with mine. I like to download a pretty font and try to replicate it by hand and make it artsy as it's a great way to put some good energy into a new BoS as well as channel my creative outlet.

Another great idea is to pre-plan out about a dozen or so pages in your book and to schedule out a year and a day's worth of Full and New Moons. Write down each month what you do and document your story with working with the moons. I have yet to do this because I'm a perfectionist and want to start it on the first moon of the year. Hopefully I'll have my shit together by 2024.

With that said, I have been documenting each moon cycle in recent months, hopefully I'll be able to share that project with you all within the next year or so. But, it's on the hush hush for now.

Another great way to utilize your Grimoire as a working tool is to create knowledge sections in your book. Spend an afternoon with your book and write down a handful of tarot spreads and how to interpret them in the future, or maybe designate a few pages to crystals, herbs, etc, or you can dedicate a page to each element and what connections they have to magick. This doesn't all have to be done in an afternoon! Get a couple entries in and leave a couple blank pages so you can build your book. It's better to have a few entries done at a time so you can remember what you're inputting into your book instead of just pushing through it for the sake of completion.

Alright, now that we have some good Inso for your BoS, let's get on with the spells....

Spells and Rituals for a New Book of Shadows

Here is a few spells that have been donated to you all from my amazing coven members. Each witches grimoire is a very personal documentation of their journeys with witchcraft and they are always so generous to share their knowledge with myself and other witches. I love doing the same for ya'll just as much, through sharing, we can grow our divine wisdom.

Book Blessing Spell for a Witches Grimoire

Sit with your Grimoire, Book of Shadows, Witches Journal, whatever you want to call it, and really meditate on what you want to create with this magickal tool. You may want to simply create a book to reference all things magickal and metaphysical. It can be as deep or as simple as you want it.

When done meditating, write this at the beginning pages of your book, and say it aloud three times:

"Words of Wisdom this book shall be,

Acts of honor recorded in thee.

Spells, Herbs, and Lore,

From the heart of the ancestors before,

Knowing that the Mysteries are within.

These pages have but words to lend,

Remember Karmic law has thee,

Chilivery and honor are key.

Protected by the elemental forces,

That forever safe.

Never for cowan to see,

This book is mine.

I give it to Divine.

Blessed be."

Witches Circle Cast

This can be how you begin getting into that "Magickal headspace" we love so much. Check out the Youtube video I made on Getting into Magickal Headspace for more on that, but this witch's circle cast can be a great way to start:

"I call up on Earth, the power to make,

I all upon Air, the power to take,

I call upon Fire, the power to grow,

I call upon Water, the power to flow.

I cast this circle three times round,

to make this land Sacred Ground."

The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners |
Three Easy Spells for Witches | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |

Candle Magick Manifestation Spell

Place sacred oil on the palms of your hands and begin to rub it into the candle you are working with, starting from the top and going to to the bottom, then back up.

Close your eyes and see with your minds eye what you are trying to manifest, then begin chanting:

"From above, to below,

Flows the pattern of perfection,

From desire ,to manifestation,

Flows the pattern of magick.

From within, to without,

Flows the pattern of my will."

If the candle burns bright and strong, magickal forces are with you. If they are low and flickering, it means they are against the idea.

What are some of your must-have spell for your BoS? Share down in the comments below. Until next time!


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