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The Season of Anya

New Moon Witchy Yoga

New Moon Witchy Yoga Flow

Witchy Yoga Flow for Manifesting | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners from a Spiritual Yoga Witch

Hi all, have you seen my second Witchy Yoga flow video on my youtube channel??! Well, if you haven't, click the link and check it out! This year I'm going to challenge myself to do a couple witchy yoga flows a month, I'm thinking they will typically correlate with the Full Moon, New Moon, or even Dark moon if we're in the mood for shadow work!

In an effort to keep my content authentic, I am trying to be less of a perfectionist and just keep it real as to where I'm at as a fresh graduate of yoga teacher training....eventually I'll be that Spiritual Yoga Witch Zen master 5000, but for now, we're gonna just go with the flow.

Here are some of my notes from the video....

Tools Required:

Manifestation Spray (click for tutorial!), incense, or grounding aroma of choice

Candle of choice

Witchy Yoga Flow for Manifesting | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners from a Spiritual Yoga Witch
Print this out for your book of shadows

Steps for this Witchy Yoga Ritual:


1)  Take three breaths

2) Think of intention

2) Spray Manifestation spray or light incense

3) Light candle

4) Repeat three time: I fully embrace this life that I desire, one filled with never-ending dreams to fuel my fire.

5) Flow with me! If you want to do your own thing here are the poses I used for this video:



Kneeling Half Moon

Kneeling Cactus

Table top



Sphinx gaze left/right

Child’s Pose

Rabit pose

Seated Wide legged forward fold

Seated Wide legged forward fold

Wind removing pose left right


And as promised, here are some ideas to help you decide which candle color to use for this spell:

  • White: Purity, healing, and truth, white candles are your go-to for clarity and new beginnings.

  • Red: Passion, strength, and vitality, these fiery candles fuel your goals related to love or courage.

  • Green: Abundance, growth, and wealth, green candles are perfect for planting the seeds of prosperity.

  • Blue: Peace, wisdom, and harmony, blue candles encourage serenity and spiritual growth.

  • Yellow: Joy, intellect, and creativity, these sunny candles brighten and quicken your projects.

  • Purple: Spirituality, power, and psychic awareness, use purple to unlock the unseen.

  • Pink: Affection, friendship, and self-love, pink candles are all about the heart's domain

  • Black: Protection, banishing, and mystery, black candles are the powerful shields in your spiritual arsenal. Have you ever felt a nagging negativity? Well, that's when a black candle comes to your rescue, sweeping away those vibes.

  • Orange: Change, adaptability, and encouragement, light an orange candle when you need a cosmic cheerleader.

  • Silver: Reflection, intuition, and lunar connections, and female energy: Silver candles are your spiritual mirror, revealing the hidden aspects of yourself and the secret messages from the Universe.

  • Gold: Prosperity, success, and male energy, let gold candles be your beacon for abundance and power. Ever wish for a Midas touch in your endeavors? Strike a match and let the gold candle's shimmer help turn your efforts into gold.

  • Brown: Stability, grounding, and decisiveness, a brown candle is like a hug from Mother Earth herself, steadying your feet when life whirls like a dervish.

  • Gray: Neutrality, balance, and contemplation, gray candles are the unsung heroes when you aim to find calm amid chaos. Can't decide if you need a shield or a sword? Light a gray candle for guidance to a balanced path.

What are you manifesting this new moon? Enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to the Season of Anya for more Yoga Magick and Witchcraft from a Spiritual Yoga Witch xx


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