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The Season of Anya

Manifest with a New Moon Simmer Pot

Manifest with a New Moon Simmer Pot  | The Season of Anya | Witchcraft for Beginners from a Spiritual Yoga Witch

Who's ready for a little new moon magick?! I sure am! I really want to try to consistently post a new moon and a full moon spell or ritual for the blog. Do let me know if you enjoy these! The goal is to post easily digestible, and EASY TO DO spells that you can seamless incorporate into your magickal practice.

Remember, it's not about buying all the cool witchy things, but about showing up for each moon cycle, and being resourceful with what you have. Yeah yeah, same ol' crap..but that's why I'm here to spice things up a bit with some good old fashioned witchiness. Let's begin!

Today we are going to do a new moon simmer pot for manifesting your desires! The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle, which means it is a good time to set new intentions and with focus, time, and energy, these intentions will come to fruition by the next phase of the lunar cycle, which is the full moon.


Lemon Peels or Dried Lemon Slices



Bay Leaves

Moon Water (Tap or distilled work great)

  1. Sit with and meditate with your ingredients for 15 minutes. Think hard about what you are bringing into fruition. Write on three bay leaves what you are manifesting during this moon cycle. You can write the same manifestation three times or you can write three different manifestations.

  2. Create a mantra that you will be saying as you add each ingredient, then as you stir the simmer pot repeat mantra. Example mantra:

For this moon cycle, I am going to work on:

Being in my body (staying present)

Mental health

Eating well

So, my mantra will be "I'm rooted and grounded; a healthier me, I'm staying present, and in my body." Feel free to use this should you be inspired!

And if you want a generic mantra because you are a busy yoga witch "Everything that I need, I already have Everything that I have, Is all that I need".

When creating a mantra, be sure to use the present-tense as if you are already living in this new reality you've creative for yourself. Take time to envision what you're manifesting. Since I'm manifesting eating well, I may connect with the thoughts of me not binge eating and meal prepping so I don't eat out as much, for example.

On the night of the New Moon (or day of, depending on how long you want the simmer pot to go on for), after you have meditated with your ingredients and created your mantra, begin the simmer pot:

  • Fill a large pot with water, this can be blessed or tap

  • Place each ingredient into simmer pot slowly, and with intention

  • Repeat mantra [[_____________________]] for each ingredient

  • Add in splashes of moon water, if short simmer add whole bottle of moon water, for a longer simmer (Up to 24 hours) replenish tap water every 45 minutes and continue to add splashes of moon water

    • Tip: If you are only using peels and spices, your simmer pot can live up to four days with replenishing water every 30-45 minutes)

  • Once you are done with your simmer pot, remove from heat and strain out peels, spices, etc until you are left with the water

  • Allow water to cool, then place water in a spray bottle to use for the remainder of the moon cycle

Once you have safely placed the simmer pot water into a spray bottle, use that spray every day at least once a day at your altar until the next moon cycle. If you still have water left over before the start of the next moon cycle, pour it to the earth on the last day of the new moon lunar cycle.

Personally, I would keep this refrigerated while you store just to ensure it's stable. Again, this will only last two weeks max be sure to dispose it back into the earth when you are finished with it. If anyone has tips on a way to stabilize this mixture please let me know!

Happy manifesting fam. xo


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2 comentários

Amber Maddox
Amber Maddox
05 de fev.

Thanks Anya! I always look forward to seeing your emails! Love your blog and videos, very informative and just down to earth personality, so easy to get along with!

Anya I
Anya I
05 de fev.
Respondendo a

Amber, thank you for your kind comment. It means so, so much to me that you enjoy my blog content. If you ever have a requests for any type of content, don't hesitate to ask. xx


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