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The Season of Anya

Eclipse Spell for the Moon Witch

Hey everyone! I hope this eclipse season is treating you well! My goodness, even though we are in the light half of the year, I do believe that Spirit really wants remind us that is it still a very poignant time to connect with our shadows because I am feeling the burn.

With eclipse season ending with a solar eclipse, now is a good time to understand and work with some of the darkness that is right in our faces, that darkness that we can't escape and try to ignore. Well, just like the massive shift from light to dark with the solar eclipse, think of this as a time to face that darkness you've been avoiding.

Here's a really quick and last minute ritual idea to connect with these energies of light and dark, this is a GREAT release that you can use for any type of shadow work, but it's going to be especially nice to work with this yummy energy within these next few days All you need is a powerful intention and willingness to let go. Although... a little bit of sage and a few grounding breaths always help enhance our spiritual experience.

If you like this content dont forget to share with your friends! It helps me tremendously grow this little passion project of mine and shares this content with like minded individuals! Thanks for the community building on Instagram and Youtube! Blessed be and enjoy the solar eclipse!


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