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The Season of Anya

Why Magick with a K: The Witches Real Deal

Why Magick with a K: The Witches Real Deal

Why do I keep spelling the word magick with a "K"?

While I'm not entirely sure when the spelling of magick with a "K" became a thing, I just wanted to take a minute and point out what the word "magick" means, as you will hear me referring to it quite often.

There are many components to the word "magick". With extreme simplicity, I'll break the word into two parts. First we'll begin with magick relating to your personal power.

When using the "K" in magick, it's not about parlour tricks.

Magick does not need to have a religious connotation, and can apply to anyone of any background.

Think of magick as your essence. Magick is what makes you, you. Everyone has their own magick, some people are intuitive, others are healers, and some people leave great impacts on others by just being themselves. Sometimes the gifts do go deeper into the metaphysical realm, but it's really about embracing the piece of divinity that lives within you.

Do you like to bake cookies for your friends? Do you like to show up with a thoughtful surprise or gift? That is magick. Complimenting someone's outfit, is also magick. When you share that special something that makes you, you, you are imprinting yourself onto others. That little spark of joy that you share with others is magick in it's simplest form.

You have no idea how beautiful you are. Yes YOU.

What is one thing you do to create magick for others? One bit of my magick is smiling at strangers. Can you remember the last time you had a stranger take a minute and give you a genuine smile? How did that make you feel? Maybe you were having a bad day, or maybe not, but I can nearly promise that you smiled back at them, or wish you had.

Now, the second component is understanding the little moments of magick that happen around us.

Have you ever thought of someone after not thinking about them for years and suddenly they text you? Does a random thought, or image pop into your head and next thing you know that image is everywhere. Do you ever make a seemingly random comment, and then all of the sudden that thought somehow manifests itself? These can be often mistaken as coincidences, and you can continue to believe that.

But, all I'm going to say is that when I take just a moment to aknowledge the magick surrounding these moments they continue to happen, and things in my life begin to align more and more, and quite rapidly too. On the other hand, when I dismiss these moments and pass them off as coincidences, life is dimmer, usually a bit more gray, and sometimes quite dark.

As I'm writing this article it's December and the holiday season, and a perfect correlation is the concept of Santa. To children, Santa Claus brings such a sense of joy and wonderment. As the adage goes, once you stop believing in Santa, he isn't real. I know for myself this to be quite true with my spiritual practice. When my world feels so dark and dim, and I don't nurture my connection with spirit, suddenly the magick is gone. Life doesn't feel like I'm living in alignment, I don't feel connected, and I feel utterly alone.

When I just take a quiet moment to acknowledge the signs, and continue to do so, I find myself living in alignment, and living life effortlessly!!! Then everything just starts to flow so naturally.

So let me leave you with this thought, even if you can't explain the unexplainable, wouldn't you rather take a chance on the possibility of something greater than yourself looking out for you, something far bigger than you can even comprehend, guiding you towards the light? Or, would you just rather dismiss the idea all together and live in the world as you know it? Life is always full of endless possibilities, just allow yourself to receive them.

Forest | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |
Forest | The Season of Anya Witchcraft for Beginners | Spiritual Yoga Witch |


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